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Permanent residence and residence permit in Bulgaria

Permanent residence and residence permit in Bulgaria

After Bulgaria's accession to the European Union (EU), this country has become attractive for short, long, long-term and permanent residence both in terms of tourism and especially interesting for the immigration of foreign nationals to Bulgaria (permanent residence, residence permit).

This article is written according to:

"The Law for the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria" as amended by this law on 28.01.2011, this is Article 23, Article 24, Article 25, on the lawful residence of foreign nationals on the territory of Bulgaria.

There are four types of residence of foreigners in Bulgaria:
1. Short-term - visa C, up to 90 days from the date of entry into the country, (tourist and visas of citizens owning real estate in Bulgaria).
2. Prolonged - visa D, up to 1 year (as one of the documents for a long-term residence).
3. Long-term - for a period of 5 years, with a permit for a possible extension of this period after the submission of the application.
4. Permanent - it's residence in Bulgaria, with permission for an indefinite period.

Short-term residence permit

Short-term residence permit on a tourist visa lasts up to 90 days with one- and two-time entry into the country and gives the right to conduct tourist tours and short-term personal trips through Bulgaria.

A tourist visa is issued through a travel agency or the Bulgarian Consulate. To open this visa, you need the following documents:
- international passport;
- 2 color photos size 3.5cm * 4.5cm .;
- registration of personal medical insurance;
- an application for a visa.

Long-term residence permit

Long-term or temporary residence permit gives the right to stay in Bulgaria for up to 1 year with an annual extension of this period and multiple entry into the country for:
- entry and exit without a visa and indefinitely (up to 1 year) residence in Bulgaria;
- opening a company for conducting and developing a successful business, work "for hire";
- education (in pre-school, primary and higher institution), on a paid basis;

- paid medical care;
- opening a personal account in the bank;
- registration of invitations to foreigners for private visits to the Republic of Bulgaria;
- deductions of finance to the pension fund.

Registration of an extended residence in Bulgaria takes place in two stages.

The first stage - the opening of a national visa D.

The second stage - registration of long stay of residence permit on the basis of visa D.

Documents required to open a visa D;
- application for obtaining a Bulgarian visa;
- color photo 3,5 * 4,5 cm;
- a photocopy of a foreign passport; - international passport;

This is the main package of documents, + another list of documents that depends on the basis for opening a visa D.

After receiving the visa D, an extended residence takes place. To obtain a residence permit a foreign citizen needs:
- be provided with housing with the indicated address of residence;
- have a medical insurance for 1 year;
-the availability of full personal financial security (not less than the minimum wage, or the minimum pension in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria);
- a certificate of non-conviction for persons from 18 years of age, issued by the state whose citizens they are.

Permanent residence permit

Permanent residence in accordance with Article 25 of the Law for the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria has the right to receive such foreign citizens:
- Bulgarian origin;
- who legally married a Bulgarian citizen and stayed there for at least 5 years without leaving the territory of Bulgaria;
- children of a foreign citizen who has permanently stayed in Bulgaria;
- the parents of a Bulgarian citizen who provide him with full financial support, and in the case of adoption - after 3 years;
- an investment in the Republic of Bulgaria of 500,000 euros or more;
- citizens who do not have Bulgarian descent, but were born in the territory of Bulgaria and at the same time lost Bulgarian citizenship, but who want to permanently reside in Bulgaria;
- who until December 27, 1998 entered or are born in the territory of Bulgaria, and one of the parents was married to a Bulgarian citizen;
- Members of the family of Bulgarian citizens permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for the last 5 years.

Having received the status of permanent residence, you and your family members enjoy the same rights as Bulgarian citizens, with the difference that you do not have the right to vote in elections.

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