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Required documents after company registration

• VAT registration documents
• Self-control systems
• Required books, instructions, schedules
• Application for company registration
• Accounting forms, protocols, samples
• Job descriptions
• Examples of contracts and proxies
• Documents for Non-Profit Legal Entities - Questions and Answers
• Required documents and books for opening and operating a new commercial site

• Reporting and taxation under the Value Added Tax Act
• Tax treatment under the Value Added Tax Act of performing a site optimization service
• Transit sales of goods
• How do I register a company myself without help?
• How do we export legal labor to Europe? What are the benefits?
• Should a cash receipt be issued when selling a good or service over the internet?
• Obligation to register VAT
• Transit of goods from the territory of another EU Member State directly to a third country. Charging VAT and necessary documents
• Trip money for truck drivers when transporting in another city
• International Transport
• Determination (increase) of the tax base for the sale of a property in accordance with Article 26 of the Value Added Tax Act
• Top reasons not to charge VAT on invoice
• Reporting of invoices issued in EU Member States, including VAT
• Purchase and sale of motor vehicles
• Who is required to publish an annual financial report at the Registry Agency
• Who is required to publish annual financial statements in economic journals or the Internet
• How much does the accounting of a Limited Liability Company cost?
• E-Commerce Website - Accounting
• Tax credit when buying a car
• Translation and legalization of various documents. Prices and terms
• How to make accounting on an invoice from past years / period
• Temporary import
• How do I publish an annual financial report at the Registry Agency?
• Do I have to submit an annual tax return?
• Dividend payment
• Way to announce an annual financial report with an electronic signature
• Tax relief - the ability to reduce taxes
• How to create a new business, what are the costs

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