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Buhgalterskе sluzhba v polnom obújem (subscriber's service)
Our prices are 40 levs per day and are dependent on the document processing company.

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Our consulting consultant is working on an administrative-service charge of 10 years.

published financial report.

We trust our own reports, in their own time and resources.

You can also trust and plan internationally in terms of international standards. For this purpose, we can offer a variety of options: registration suitable for your needs in Bulgaria, the UK or other jurisdictions, such as Maldives, British Virgin Islands and others. Это извеные оффшорные зоны, в которых налоговые ставки сведены до минимуму. All of the commands are the most suitable solution for your personal or corporate finance.

Част всего целью регистрации оффшорной компании является оптимизация налогов. Correctly structured offshore companies provide the following advantages: protection of property, anonymity and confidentiality, optimization, optimization, reporting and low-cost bureaucracy.

London and Ådinburg are the largest banking, banking, financial and financial services. Высокая ликвидность и престиж британских компаний делают их очень желанными. The British company has a wide range of business opportunities, including import and export, transportation, financial dealership. This is the important stability and tradition in the legislative, stable and economic environment.

Legislation UK offers rarely the possibility of minimizing the use of a different tool. With the help of a large number of financial plans, it is almost 0%. Nominal rates of income are very low compared to other EU countries.

Subscriptions to bulk purchases

Conclusion of the contract of the subscription service guarantees the protection of all interested companies in all the institutions in the sphere with the following information: наши специалисты постоянно будут консультировать вас; budeme sledovat za rasmetimi s klientami a podstavkamikami; chronological analysis of analytical and systematic knowledge of the registry on the basis of pertinent documents, in accordance with the Law on Education, the Law of the NMS and the Primitive Standard in the Bachelor's Degree; справка ежемесяных справок по Закона за НДСВ; compilation of books on rackets; Intrastat system; financial statement and financial report in accordance with the Bulgarian Accounting Standards; including annual tax returns in accordance with the Corporate Income Tax Act.

All registered companies in Bolivia do not have to submit their financial statements, they have noticed a declaration, they have provided information for the statistical institute, and so on. Enterprises that are allowed to do so, or who do not have the right to do so, are not registered under the Law of the NMS, do not have the staff, nor do they notify the staff of the account, and they will not be able to do so in the financial year. We offer you a service report that provides you with reports that have been prepared by the law of your business, and that your business has a point of view in the Law on Corporate Governance, the Law on Corporate Income Taxes, the Law on Taxation of Physical Persons and the Law on Statistics.

Compensation financial report

Esli your burgher does not withdraw from the Law of the Bhutan, and does not have the right to submit and submit your financial statements, so you can use the "Financial Reporting Report". A specialist in our company with the required qualifications in the baccalaureate law books is taught and certified or verified and certified financial reports by your societies.

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On the other hand, companies do not allow for the employment of employees, they have to pay for their work, submit their bills and declarations in Instit

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